DPic: Architecture, Art and Image – Utopia500 is an international Drawing and Photography contest based on the concept of “Utopia” and is aimed at undergraduate students and young researchers enrolled at  any institution of higher education or research in the world.

Participants will be able to compete as individuals although we encourage the formation of multidisciplinary teams, composed of members with wide-ranging academic profiles. It is, however, mandatory for one participant to be a student of Architecture, the Fine Arts or Image, and be enrolled either in higher education or a research centre. No member should be older than 35 years of age.

The contest involves submitting two A3-size designs, the first showing a part of the city as it is now, and the second a utopian vision of how this same area could be in the future. Although these must be submitted in design or photograph format, there is no limitation on the blending of the two or on the use of photo manipulation and montage.

EXTENDED DEADLINE for submissions 15.08.2016